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Our price range is $2500-$5000 depending on the colors and the pattern of the kitten. All of our kitten is fixed or will be fixed. If your are a breeder, please contact us and we will discuss our breeding right. The kitten is ready for a new home at 12 -16 weeks old depending on the spay/neuter status. They are up to date with all vaccinations and dewormed medications. 


NY- Black golden- chinchilla colors


Has black hair tip and black paw pad. Color will be brighter as they grow. Emerald eye color


BY- Chocolate golden- chinchilla colors- chocolate recessive


​Similar to NY but has chocolate tip instead of black tip. Cats appear to be brighter. Chocolate paw pad

emerald eye color

AY- Blue golden- chinchilla colors- dilution recessive


Has Grey hair tip and grey-pink paw pad. Color will be brighter as they grow

Emerald eye color


CY- Lilac golden- chinchilla colors


cream like color, pink paw pad. Color will be brighter as they grow. Double recessive of dilution and chocolate. Hardest to achieve while maintain the emerald eye color. 


33- Point color

The babies with have deep beautiful blue eyes. Color point at nose and ears. The fur on body is white.


Shipping and Contract

Shipping is available at buyer expenses. We strongly encourage pick up as it is the most beneficial way for the young kittens. A contract will be sign before the purchase of the kitten. $500 deposit is require to make reservation for the kitten. Full price is require before the kitten get fix.  Deposit is non-refundable but can be move to different kittens if the potential parent not satisfy with the chosen kitten. The moving of deposit must be prior to the chosen kitten 8 weeks mark. We will have weekly video and photo for deposited kittens.  

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