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Litter K: Reservation open
on 05/30/24@12pm 

5 longhair babies

Black golden female: Khloe

Black golden male: Kat

Black golden male: Kie

Black golden Point color male:Kian

Black golden Point color male:Kitty

kitten photoshoot
Mom- Walnut
Dad- Ulien

Litter J: Reservation open on

5 British shorthair babies

Blue golden female: Julie- Reserved

Blue golden male: Java- Reserved

Blue golden male:Jay- Reserved

Blue golden male:Jelly-Reserved

Blue golden male:Joe-Reserved

Java- Reserved to Los Angeles CA

Joe- Reserved to Santa Clara CA

Java is a sweet baby. He is the best one at climbing. Will meow very loudly when he can't get back down. He learn to run recently and start to run everywhere to explore

Joe is the most cuddly one now. He is the first one to learn to eat. Start to follows me when i bring food. Recently even learn from mom to meow at me to get pet. 

Jay- reserved to La Crescenta CA

Jay is the most gentle one. He always lick his siblings and let them use him as fluffy pillow. He never fight with any of them.

Jelly-Reserved to Oceanside CA

Jelly is the most chubby bear. He prefer mom's milk. Always stick to his mom and be her littler tail. His favorite brother is Jay. Always groom each other