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Reserved to La Jolla CA

Name: Dingle Bell

DOB: 12/23/23

Color: Black Golden 

Litter: D

Personality: Dingle Bell is the most sticky kid. She follows me everywhere, practically my little tail. She likes laser toys. Play well with dog and cats. Favorite food is Rabbit. Her hair is as soft as a cloud. She likes to hug Ewe to sleep

Reserved to Oceanside CA

Name: Ewe

DOB: 12/29/23

Color: Blue Golden 

Litter: E

Personality: Ewe is an elegant cat lady. She likes to watch the birds from her window perches. She likes to hunt Dingle Bell when she dont pay attention. Ewe has the most perfect Birtish shorthair coat. Her fur are dense and soft. She has the most beautiful eye color. 

Litter F- DOB: 01/17/2024- Reservation open  on 12pm pst 02/17/24 

Fia- Reserved to Sunnyvale CA

Fia- is a lovely baby. Smartest of the group. He is the first one know how to use the litter box. 

expected eye color: Deep Emerald

Fefe- Reserved to San Francisco CA

Fefe is a chubby baby. He sleeps a lot and very soft so the kids fight each other to get the sleeping spot on top of him. 

expected eye color: Deep Emerald

Flora- Reserved  to Bethesda MD