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Homemade partially cooked pate for cats

There is many controversial ideas regarding homemade raw food for pet due to possible contaminations of harmful bacteria and quality control issue of the ingredients. As cats are carnivores, the majority of ingredients need to be fresh meats and animal organs. I make pate for all of my cats and give them once every 2 days as dietary supplements treat. To avoid harmful bacteria, I partially cook my pate.

Ingredients: enough for 2 cats uses in 1 month

-2lb minced turkey/chicken

-1lb minced pork

-1lb minced beef

-1lb organs ( hearts, kidney, liver is a must)

-1 sardine (remove bones)

-supplements: fish oil, taurine, probiotic, seaweed powder, bonebroth

Process ingredients in to pieces. I cook organs first on a big sauce pan. Once they halfway cooked, I put all meat, and sardine in and cook for 5-10 min. Turn off heat and blend using blender. Once it cool down, supplement can be added. Mix well and put in ziplock bags. The pate can be store up to 3 months in freezer.

The frozen pate can be defrost in microwave and serve to cats with a lot of water added to encourage water intake.

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