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Litter A- DOB: 05/25/23

BuBu x MapMap

Reserved Pink-Alita

Reserved- Hot Pink- Adora


Reserved-Purple- Avocado

Reserved- orange-Amber

Reserved- Blue- Agate

We are very busy everyday. We are busy drinking milk, make biscuit, and cry when mom dare to go out of our birthing box to eat. 

Recently, we opened our eyes and see the world for the first time. We wander at every corner of our box and mom had a hard time bringing us all back. We feel very fun so once she goes collect one more, the old ones wander off again

Reserved-Alita to San Gabriel CA

Reserved to New Mexico, Mexico- Hot Pink-Adora

Reserved- Blue- Agate to San Jose CA

Reserved- orange-Amber to San Diego CA